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I am a British trained nurse with a passion for being active!

Supporting Algarve residents and visitors, for a long and healthy life.


My name is Sara and I am passionate about life. My years of nursing have taught me to make every moment count, and shown me the importance of keeping myself fit and strong so I can enjoy every moment.

I firmly believe that prevention is better than cure; whilst I continue to care for ill people, I also help people to prevent illness – to avoid chronic disease, and to remain fit and strong throughout each phase of life. My roles as weight loss consultant, food coach, and exercise instructor allow me to help people find their happiness again as they take back control over their bodies; break the bad habits that have become the daily norm.

 I can help you to increase your energy levels and free yourself from the belief that you have to eat chocolate every day.

Book me for an assessment visit, at your home or hotel. (Pricing will depend on distance travelled.)


Physical activity is important for body, mind, and soul because our bodies were designed for use, not for inactivity. 

Many of us are living to a great age nowadays, and enjoying many years of retirement. These leisure years can be blighted by physical problems – but they don’t have to be. You can avoid this by improving your physical condition now, in order to maintain mobility, flexibility, and strength in the future, and so enjoy your retirement years to the fullest.

Do you suffer with ill health caused by poor diet, inactivity, and other bad habits? Would you like to break these habits; take back control of your body? It’s never too late to change your lifestyle for the better.

 I can create an exercise plan that is motivating and appealing to you. Exercise should be fun and pleasurable so as to not lose motivation. You can choose a one to one exercise programme, or encourage some friends to form a small group, to motivate each other.

 I have certificates in Exercise to Music, Gym Instructor, and Exercise Programming for Seniors, but more importantly, I have a contagious passion for being active. Join me in enjoying being active.


Get out! Get active!


Weight Loss

I am often asked by people who regularly train in the gym ”Why am I not losing weight when I work out regularly?” The answer is – you can’t outrun a bad diet. Yes, being active is important in many ways, but the battle for weight loss is won by 80% food, 20% exercise.

There are no magic tricks to losing weight. Fad diets shouldn’t be necessary. You don’t have to live on smoothies The secret is a healthy, balanced diet, but we seem to have lost our way along the path of healthy eating. We are surrounded by processed, packaged foods. Producers compete with each other to sell us the largest portion of empty-calorie foods whilst our bodies are longing for ‘real’ food, with real health benefits.

 I am a qualified weight loss consultant and food coach. If you have bad eating habits, I can help you break them. Once back on track with a healthy, balanced diet, you will feel more energised, lose that excess weight that has been troubling you, and suffer fewer illnesses and conditions. Together with my colleagues I also work with pressotherapy, electrostimulation, and infrareds, all of which will help you along the way with weight loss from stubborn areas.

Take the step and let me help you get your lifestyle back to how it should be. Your body will thank you. Get your happiness back on track!

Home Nursing

I am a British trained nurse, with extensive experience in various fields, working in Portugal since 2003. I provide a home nursing service in central/east Algarve – from Vilamoura to Tavira. I work with a local team of nurses, carers, physiotherapists, and doctors, and our services include:

  • Ear syringing
  • Blood analysis
  • Diabetes
  • Wound care
  • Post-operative care
  • Palliative care

Whether you are on holiday or are resident in the Algarve, and need a nurse, contact me with your nursing requirements.

A healthy heart is waiting

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